Where to buy stingless bees in Australia



Atlas of Living Australia – Put in name of the bee you want to research. The site will take you to multiple layers of information.

Aussie Bee – Australian Native Bee Research Centre

Australian Beekeeper, The – Australias national beekeeping journal

Australian Bees – Bowerbird

Australian Native Bee Network FB

Australian Native Blue Banded Bees

Australian Stingless Native Bees – Zabel

Barefoot Beekeeper, The – natural beekeeping Phil Chandler

Bees Business – Megan Halcroft

Bees Down Under – Dr Denis Anderson – both natives and honey

Bob the Bee Man – Bob Luttrell

Bob’s Beekeeping Supplies

Brisbane Backyard Bees –  Paul Wood (BLF member)

Brisbane Backyard Bees – facebook site

Brisbane Insects

DAFF Qld – Guidelines for keeping bees in Australia

Honey Naturally– Charles Hamilton

Kin Kin Native Bees

My City Garden – Ingrid Dimock, City Chicks

Native Bees of Australia – WA Museum

Natural Beekeeping Australia – honey bees

Northside Beekeeping Assoc – Kallangur

Pest & Diseases Image Library (Padil) – High quality images and Information tools designed for Biosecurity and Biodiversity.

Social Insects Lab – School of Biology, Sydney University

Sugarbag – Tim Heard

The Novice Beekeeper

Wild Things


Australian Stingless Bees – a Guide to Sugarbag Keeping by John Klumpp

All of the books below and more appear to be available at Bob’s Beekeeping:

The Bee Book – Beekeeping in Australia – Peter Warhurst & Roger Goebel.

Beekeeping for Dummies – Howland Blakiston – USA

Bee AGSkills – Australia – This book is a hands-on practical manual for the beginning beekeeper.  Written by the NSW Department of Primary Industry, the book covers the practical side of beekeeping and provides a good introduction to Australian beekeeping.

The Bee Book – Ann Cliff – Australia – From a local Victorian author, covers Beekeeping Basics, Harvesting Honey, Beeswax, Candles and other Bee Business. A great introduction to beekeeping.

Natural Beekeeping – Ross Conrad –USA

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