Brisbane north, Australia

Bio: I used to grow as much fruit and veg as I could in my small suburban yard. Gradually taking over all areas including the front verge. I kept bees, both honey and native and was learning to farm snails - found I couldn't kill my little friends and let them loose. I don't profess to be expert at anything. Gardening is a long learning process with many ways of achieving the end you want. I don't follow any one form of gardening but take the bits I like from the various forms around. Natural gardening would best express what I do. I follow nature. KISS is my motto. Late in 2016 my home, bees and garden were sold and I am yet to put down roots somewhere new. I currently look after other peoples gardens and pets as a FT house sitter.

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10 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi there! I saw that you once posted about having nopal cactus, or prickly pear, I would really like to grow some in a pot of course haha but I’m having trouble finding a cutting, do you know anyone in the Brisbane area who has any? Thanks a bunch, love your page!


    1. Thanks Serena.
      Where are you located?

      I was growing my Nopales in a large pot which was tall and narrow and the plant would fall over during storms so I would recommend something broad and squat to grow in.

      I have just sold my house and the plant went to a friend. If you post a comment on Brisbane Local Food (free to join and no obligation to do anything) someone there will have a cutting, I gave so much of it away someone will have some. Let me know if you have any problems.


  2. I’m not sure if I pushed the notification by email button on my previous comment so just writing this with it on this time


  3. Hi Lissa. Cant find an email or phone for you and would like to secure some tree collard cuttings from you. Im about to convert part of my dad’s ornamental garden in sydney into a edible garden.
    If anyone is Sydney can help me out that would be great too.


  4. Hi Tim. I sold that house and garden over a year ago, sorry. I bought the Collard seeds on eBay from Portugal. I bought three packets in the end and had no problems getting any of them into Aus. Well worth pursuing. The seeds may even be available in Australia these days.
    Not sure if the following is the bloke I bought them from a quick search of eBay brought up lots of sellers (not all walking stick type though):


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